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We're STILL here!

Since 2009, the CenterPeace Conference has brought LGBTQ people, allies, parents and family members, and pastors together to explore faith and sexuality. But most of all, the conference builds spiritual community for people who have been excluded by family and church.


Our world has changed in the last twenty years. Society as a whole is far more accepting of LGBTQ folk. And there are churches that are fully inclusive of LGBTQ people and blessing same-sex marriage.


But there are still places that aren’t supportive. Families who still cut children off. Churches that still exclude and impose limitations on people simply because of their sexuality.


Because community has been withheld, there’s still a need for belonging.


Because feeling like you belong is the only way to heal the wounds of exclusion.


For the last fifteen years LGBTQ folk from all over the world have been coming to the CenterPeace Conference to find community and belonging. To celebrate the truths that we are loved by God and remain an integral part of the Body of Christ.


We’re still faithful members of our churches.


We’re still teaching Sunday school classes and leading worship and serving in leadership roles.


We’re still sitting in pews and bringing casseroles to potlucks.


We still want to be part of a church that looks like the one we grew up in, teaching us to love Jesus and follow him.


Despite all the hardships we’ve endured, we’re STILL here!


And that, my friends, is worth celebrating!


Join us when we come together again to celebrate, to encourage, to connect with fellow LGBTQ Christians and allies in Dallas, October 24 – 26, at Wilshire Baptist Church! For more information and to register now (and take advantage of the early bird rate!), visit our website at!






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