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Family Portrait at the Park

Parent Support

When a child comes out to you as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer, it can feel disorienting. CenterPeace offers hope that parents don't need to choose between their faith and their child. You can bring all your doubts, fears, and questions to God and share your experience with other parents walking a similar journey.


CenterPeace offers PeacePrint retreats where you can meet other parents and process your experience in a safe, spiritually nurturing environment. Parents whose moral beliefs are in conflict with an LGBTQ child's sexuality are particularly vulnerable to feeling isolated, not only from their church community but also in their own relationship with God. Other parents wonder about next steps beyond the initial coming out disclosure. How do you begin talking transparently about your experience at church while caring for your child's needs? PeacePrint retreats are intentionally small to provide real connection and space to share. Discover PeacePrint retreats, discover hope.

Other Parent Resources

Discover PeacePrint


A Family's Journey of Reconciling Faith & Sexuality

Gil and Gail were devastated when their son came out as gay. Unsure of how to respond, they contacted CenterPeace for help. In this 15 minute documentary, the family shares their story of hope and acceptance.

Coffee and Book


CenterPeace has compiled recommended books, videos, and podcasts episodes that can help you process your experience as a parent of an LGBTQ child. What has it been like for other parents? What does the Bible say about sexuality and gender identity? Can you be both LGBTQ and Christian? Explore these resources to help you along the way.

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