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A Short Course on Faith & Sexuality

Ever wish you could take a short course on Faith & Sexuality?

Well, now’s your chance.

But it’s better than that.

Because this course won’t be taught by just one teacher. Instead it will offer perspectives from a multitude of voices – over 30 Bible scholars, ministers, elders, and families from across the country who will share their stories.

Remember in school when you had one or two particular teachers who seemed to make everything clearer? Maybe the way they presented the material or expressed ideas made sense to you in a way that no one else was able to achieve. That’s why it’s good to have different teachers who explain concepts in their own unique way.

Because we all learn differently.

Another reason the “e3” Conference is something you don’t want to miss.

Lots of voices will share their experience, their expertise, their background and training in scripture, in theology, in parenting, in life, so that we can learn from each other. We’ll gather information, but we’ll also learn how to share that information more effectively by listening to others engage in thoughtful conversation. Through Grace-filled dialogue we’ll learn how to love deeply, even when we disagree.

The “e3” Conference will be a gathering committed to unity within the Lord’s church.

Where we value scripture and its application to our spiritual lives.

Where we believe Jesus is The Way.

Where we know worship draws us closer to God. And to each other.

This conference won’t answer all your questions about same-sex attraction. In fact, it will probably create more questions – but that’s a good thing. You see, any time we’re learning something new – something that we really haven’t spent much time exploring before – there’s a steep learning curve that takes awhile to process. That’s why we chose imagery that depicts a journey to advertise this conference. A trek that’s often uphill as we seek to understand. It may be difficult to even think about some of these conversations, but it’s so necessary.

Whether you’re just beginning the journey, or you’ve been on the path for awhile, the “e3” Conference is guaranteed to be thought-provoking. Maybe even life-changing.

A short course that will take you far beyond the weekend.

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