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Reasons to Attend the CenterPeace Conference: “Virtual” Benefits

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In case you’re still wondering why you should sign up for CenterPeace’s Conference, here are ten excellent reasons we hope you’ll consider. For the next eight weeks I’ll post what we at CenterPeace believe are compelling arguments for attending – besides the fact that the conference is all about “equipping, empowering, and encouraging” conversation about faith and sexuality.

What will be your tipping point, the thing that pushes you to go to and register right now?! Be sure and let us know!

Reason #10

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere on social media, The Conference is going to be all online. The conference will run on schedule, just as if we were meeting in person. All of the keynote sessions and panels will be live-streamed from the Highland Oaks Church, and the breakout sessions – nearly 40 in all! – will be pre-recorded and air at their designated time on the schedule. And at the end of each breakout, we’ll have opportunity for live Q & A with the presenter.

We waited this long to decide whether the conference would be in person or online because we know the fellowship is a huge part of this gathering. But our health and well-being must come first. We’re all grieving the loss of personal connection with old friends, the hugs, the in-person opportunities to make new friends and fellowship with siblings in Christ. Large gatherings like this are just not safe right now, even if we tried to stick to social distancing guidelines. Because if you’re like me, it’s SO hard to resist hugging someone you haven’t seen in a long time. And the more engaged I become in conversation, the more I find myself talking not six feet, but six inches from people’s faces!

The cost of the conference is now less online than it would have been in person, registering at this time. And, for a lower cost, you’ll receive more content than ever! The nearly 40 different breakout sessions will be available after the conference until the end of the weekend! That means, if you want to watch ALL of the breakout sessions, including the Q & A, you’ll have access to them all day Saturday and all day Sunday until midnight. Four solid days of LGBTQ stories, discussions of Scripture, helpful classes for parents and more! Plus,

  1. Watch from the comfort & privacy of your own home;

  2. Avoid the headaches & expense of travel; and

  3. Experience even more excitement anticipating an in-person conference in 2022!

Virtual contact will never replace human interaction. But it is the Spirit of Christ who joins us together intimately, no matter where we are. So for now, we will look at each other through a screen, making our much anticipated reunion at the conference all the more joyous!

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