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I was unprepared for the emotional whiplash I experienced when my son first told us he was “gay.”

I had no idea how scared he was and how much courage it took for him to say those two words, “I’m gay,” especially at 14 years old.

At the time I did not know what to say, so I said I love you and then called a counselor. The counselor could not see us for about one week. I was so scared of saying the wrong thing that I did not say anything and was waiting for the counselor to help us communicate. I wish I had known that my silence was terrifying for Jordyn and that I really couldn’t say the wrong thing as long as it was said out of love.

I pulled out my Bible and read every scripture on homosexuality, even pulling bits and pieces out of context to make my point.

I did not know that my child had been studying those scriptures and reading and trying to make sense of the feelings he was having.

I did not know he had been praying and begging God to change those feelings for years.

I had never really thought about any LGBT issues and believed that this was a lifestyle choice. I wish I had known that for Jordyn this was not a choice but it was how he was beautifully and wonderfully made.

Schmidts 1 2017

I have learned to listen and love.

The number one thing I have learned is to communicate, no matter how difficult the conversations.

And when I do not understand the lingo….ask.

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