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A Schedule Designed to Answer All Your Questions About Faith & Sexuality…(Reasons #7 &

Well, maybe not….

The truth is, you’ll probably leave the “e3” conference with even more questions!

That’s what happens when we begin studying something new – when we really start learning about something we haven’t talked about before. The process of understanding may be even more confusing with a little information than with none at all! The schedule for the “e3” conference is really pretty amazing, because the classes and events offered, the topics addressed, and the opportunities for friendships to develop over three days will reach far beyond this conference in deepening our understanding. More importantly, hearing these conversations will model grace-filled dialogue, even when we don’t agree.  We’ll go home better equipped, empowered with greater confidence and less fear to start conversations about faith and sexuality in our own churches and families. 

Look through the breakout sessions and start designing your own personal schedule for “e3.” And we’ll see you in October!



Reserve a room at Holiday Inn Express Dallas Park Central North and ask for the “e3” Conference rate – only $89 per night/dbl occupancy!

e3 Conference Ad

Register for “e3!”

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