A safe place for parents to express their feelings with fellow believers in Christ.

July 9-10, 2021

Online via Zoom

October 15-17, 2021

Grandview Lodge, Nashville TN


Families are often left hurting and confused when a child comes out to them. Parents whose moral beliefs are in conflict with an LGBTQ+ child's sexuality are particularly vulnerable to this discovery and often feel isolated, overwhelmed by shame and guilt. The objective of a PeacePrints retreat is to offer hope and healing to parents by providing resources for support, education, encouragement, and a safe place for parents to express their feelings with fellow believers in Christ. 


After participating in a PeacePrints Retreat, parents will gain 

  • A better understanding of their own feelings. 

  • A better understanding of gender and sexual minorities. 

  • Practical suggestions to foster nurturing relationships with LGBTQ+ children. 

  • Practical suggestions for responding with the love of Christ to a child who may be estranged from the family and/or God. 

Parent testimony about PeacePrint retreats.

Educating Parents 

Parents are led with questions and often search in silence, feeling isolated and alone in their quest for understanding of what their child is going through and how to respond. PeacePrints will begin to address these burning questions in the minds of parents: 

  • What do we know and not know about sexuality?

  • What should I say and not say to maintain a loving relationship?

  • How can I help support my child?

  • How do I love my child unconditionally when our beliefs about sexuality differ? 

Supporting Parents 

Feelings associated with the discovery of a child’s sexuality can be debilitating for some parents. Having those feelings validated and providing a safe place to express them is key to moving past the pain. The weekend retreat will provide an atmosphere of safety and introduce parents to a network of other moms and dads who are similarly situated, offering understanding and support, and eliminating feelings of isolation.

Testimonials from PeacePrints Parents


Our first parent retreat was the beginning of reconciliation with our child and healing of our hearts. Being able to share with other parents further down the road gave us a sense of hope and peace.


When our child came out we had no resources, no tools, and no reference of where to begin. We didn’t even have the vocabulary to know how to express the questions rolling around in our hearts and heads. The PeacePrints retreat helped us break a pathway to healing and learn to do life in a new way with our child.



I was amazed and heartbroken that of the couples attending, over half had never shared this secret with anyone at church or in their family. Many times parents hold this as a secret deep in their heart, feeling this is not their story to share. Retreats like these give parents who were terrified to walk across the threshold a truly safe place to let that secret go.



Watchtower Ranch

Strawn, TX

(Between Fort Worth and Abilene, TX)

Situated on the northernmost edge of the Texas Hill Country, you will witness rolling prairie land, granite rock outcroppings, and several spring- fed ponds. The main house encompasses 15,000 square feet and includes 13 guest rooms and 2 bunkrooms. Enjoy a cool evening breeze and the setting sun from the front porch or a large courtyard area. Watchtower Ranch offers an inviting escape of tranquility and quiet away from the everyday hustle. 

Cost: $300 per couple/$250 single (includes six meals, snacks, two nights lodging & materials)

GrandView Lodge & Resort

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Spencer, TN

Cost: $500 per couple/$425 single (includes six meals, snacks, two nights lodging & materials).