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First time conference participant. I grew up in Dallas but now live in Mt. Pleasant, TX. I grew up in the church of Christ denomination and attended Abilene Christian University. After my freshmen year of college I decided I could not ignore my true identity (which I had always known) and started some counseling. Thankfully, the MFT did not try to "fix" me but tried to address some of the anger issues I had from childhood (which I thought contributed to my sexuality) only to realize that it was not the lack of love from my parents or family dysfunction but that it was how God created me. I decided that God would not create me to be lonely and in pain and that I could love the Lord and be in love with a man. I took a chance and shared my journey with some friends in Abilene - thinking they might reject me. They didn't. They loved me unconditionally and said that they thought MORE of me because I shared my story - not less. I realized that I could help other people along this journey who were Christian and gay. To this day, everyone I've shared my story with has been accepting and while they may not understand my feelings, they accept them for being mine.

While I have been in relationships, nothing has worked out for a lifetime partner. But there's still hope, right? I've been able to support many people over the years who have same sex attraction and struggle with their thoughts of being a Christian and gay. I am on Twitter as @GayChristian and encourage others. I'm happy to connect with you during and after the conference.

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