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Let Me Show You A Story…

“I believe in the power of story.“Story is where we came from. Story is where we’re going. Story is what connects us and binds us to each other. It is in the story of humanity, amongst love and fear and failure, that we make meaning of our lives.“Story is what defines us and sets us apart. It’s what allows us to connect with each another, to truly know and be known.“Story is powerful. . . .“A story is about people and places, not ideas and concepts.”-Jeff Goins

Precisely why Jesus used stories to teach life’s most important lessons.

Story draws us together – we build communities around stories. For over 2000 years, we’ve built community around his story.

That’s why this year CenterPeace is concentrating on sharing stories. Stories from real people like you and me. LGBTQ+ people of all ages, from all over the country. Many who have grown up going to church and some who haven’t. Some who would really like to find a church home. Some who would like to reconnect with family. Some who have found a place to call home. Through the video series we plan to create over the next year, you’ll meet people you can relate to, who look and sound and feel just like we do.

And we’ll learn that we’re not so different from each other. That we have far more in common than we might think.

We’ll feel less alone. More connected.

movie camera

And, as Paul Harvey used to say, “hear the rest of the story.”

Here’s a preview…

THANK YOU to Jordan Bunch Productions for this beautiful video announcing the project! We’re looking forward to many more….

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