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Peacemaker Workshops

Seminars designed to help church leaders, educators, families and friends create safe places for conversations about faith and sexuality.

Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Group 

We're open to tailoring events to fit your specific needs. We have worked with a variety of groups over the years, from meetings with church leaders to luncheons with public and private school counselors, to training for youth ministers and workshops with university faculty and staff.  More and more organizations are turning to CenterPeace to provide insight regarding matters that impact LGBTQ+ people. Sometimes more in-depth study and dialogue are warranted, requiring a weekend or longer. Other times, an afternoon or evening session for your church's leadership team, or an informal dialogue or interview with one of our team members, may be all that's required to accomplish your purpose. We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.

Meeting Student and Faculty Needs 

Colleges, universities, and private K-12 schools seeking guidance on how to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ students on their campuses have utilized CenterPeace to meet this growing need. We will work with you to discern what type of gathering would be most helpful for your institution. Whether it means a formal speaking engagement on campus, or a more personal Q&A at a local coffee house, or a workshop for teachers after school, we'll find what best fits your needs.

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