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Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction is an approximately 10-week experience designed with parents in mind. Its sole focus is to help you grow in your awareness of what God’s up to in your/your family’s life, and to share this spiritual journey with others in similar spaces. 

Led by a trained and experienced Spiritual Director, this group involves a weekly meeting online for about 1 hour 15 minutes. During each weekly meeting, we’ll do three things: 1) engage in a spiritual practice designed to help you become more centered and grounded, 2) learn one of ten parenting principles for parents of LGBTQ+ children, and 3) discuss how own experiences regarding that principle, as well as how your parenting journey has been over the last week. 
Attending to your spiritual life is a vital component of this journey you are on with your loved ones. Group Spiritual Direction can help you do this. 

What parents are saying...

"Guided Spiritual Direction with Chris has been the missing link to further healing for us. Being with this group over so many weeks has given us time to ask the deep heart questions, to address the hard hurts, to think and digest in a safe place."

"It has been almost 15 years since my daughter came out to me and most of that time has been a lonely journey... Participating in group spiritual direction not only helped me form relationships with other parents, but it strengthened my sometimes weary faith and gave me new hope that our churches can become places of inclusion and support. "

"I never felt judgement in my group. Compassion was always overflowing. God never intended for us to walk alone and this group allowed me to be vulnerable with my feelings. I realized when I am able to voice my feelings I can process those feelings and move forward. That's spiritual growth and that's what I crave."


Registration is closed for fall 2022. Please subscribe to receive updates about future groups.