Group Spiritual Direction

For LGBTQ+ Young Adults

Spiritual direction is a way of inviting one or more people into your life to help you pay more attention to what God’s up to in your world and your life. One-on-one Spiritual Direction takes place between you and a Spiritual Director. Group Spiritual Direction involves a Spiritual Director and a small group of your peers.

Led by a trained and experienced Spiritual Director, this group involves a weekly online meeting for about 12 weeks with a small group of LGBTQ+ young adults (18-30). The group's focus is to help each person grow in their awareness of what God’s up to in their lives and to share this spiritual journey with others in similar spaces. 


During meetings, each person takes a few minutes to “check in,” sharing a way they’ve experienced God meaningfully over the past week, and highs and lows in your journey with God. Then, one person is the “focus person” and they are given more time to share. After the focus person shares, the rest of us surround them lovingly with questions and observations designed to help them consider even more the ways God has been active in their week. The group lasts as many weeks as it takes for each person in the group to be a “focus person” twice.
Attending to your spiritual life is a vital component of this journey you are on with your loved ones. Group Spiritual Direction can help you do this. 


Please use the form below to register by January 15 for spring 2022 groups.