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Mentoring & spiritually nurturing the next generation of Christian LGBTQ Leaders.

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What is Bakos Project?


Bakos Project is a theologically orthodox and affirming initiative that nurtures the faith and vocational aspirations of LGBTQ Christians in their 20s and 30s who demonstrate both a commitment to Christ and leadership qualities.

Through mentoring and spiritual edification, Bakos Project encourages LGBTQ Christians to use their God-given gifts in their communities. Whether pursuing formal ministry roles or serving in the public sector, LGBTQ Christians can be a positive witness and example of Christ-like service in our world.

Bakos is the name of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-40, as given by Ethiopian Christians to this day. As a eunuch, Bakos, was a sexual minority previously banned from the Temple, but now sent out by God as an evangelist. 

What We Offer


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Weekend Retreat

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Meet the Mentors

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Karen Keen

Karen is a biblical scholar and spiritual director with The Redwood Center for Spiritual Care & Education. She worked in higher education for several years and has a deep love for nurturing young adults. 


Sally Gary

Sally is the founder and executive director of CenterPeace, a nonprofit that has been building Christian spiritual community for LGBTQ people for almost twenty years. 

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Ewduar Parra

Ewduar "Ed" grew up on a coffee farm in Columbia. He has more than two decades of ministry experience, including church planting, prison ministry, and Christian education. He lives in Wisconsin with his husband Ben.

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Benjamin Kerns

Ben has served in ministry for many years. After Bible college, he did church planting, youth ministry, a discipleship. He has also taught intercultural studies. He and his husband Ed are actively involved in their Madison, Wisconsin church.

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Find a affirming church where you can use your God-given gifts.

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Are you a pastor or ministry leader looking for affirming colleagues? Become a Friend.

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Change the life of a young person. Support mentoring for the next generation of LGBTQ Christian leaders.

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